2021 Dressage

Amateur Owner Rider of the Year

About this award

The overall Victorian Amateur Owner Rider of the Year will be awarded and recognised as part of the Equestrian Victoria awards.

The Victorian AOR group has many riders from grassroots level to FEI which greatly encourages participation in EA Competition.  It is designed to give AOR competitors an opportunity to compete in open classes, but separating their results from those of professional athletes.  Due to COVID-19 only performances from the period 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2021 will be taken into account.


  • Rider must be a current competitive Equestrian Victoria member AND
  • Have permanently resided in Victoria during the applicable period AND
  • Competition horse should hold a current Equestrian Victoria licence
  • Equestrian Victoria affiliated events are the only state qualifying events for applicable points


The Victorian AOR Rider of the Year is determined by the AOR Committee based on the following criteria: 
  1. Points will be awarded for scores over 58% 
  2. Effective date range for points accumulation is January 2021 to June 30 2021

  3. Points are awarded to each horse and rider combination 
  4. Points will be awarded for results gained in Official Competitive competitions providing the organising clubs supply the relevant AOR information to Equestrian Victoria. 
  5. Points will NOT be awarded for events with restricted entry e.g. Youth championships, separate team competitions. 
  6. Points are awarded for a level – points accrued at different levels will be recorded separately – i.e. not cumulative across levels.
  7. Cumulative points will apply only in the calculation of the overall winner of the AOR leaderboard. 
  8. Points will be allocated as follows: 6 points for first place, 5 for second, 4 for third, 3 for fourth, 2 for fifth, 1 for sixth.  Points will be allocated according to this scale regardless of the number of AOR entrants in the class. If you are the only AOR rider in the class and you a minimum 58% you will score 6 points.   
  9. Horses and ponies will be considered as one competition for calculation of points where they compete in the same event (e.g. 1A, 1B) with the same judges on the same day.  Separate points will not be allocated to pony combinations unless this condition applies. 
  10. It is the rider’s responsibility to check AOR status, and if eligible, to ensure that they are listed on draw and results.  It is most important that the scorer has your AOR status correct as this will ensure that you get your points.
  11. Document that you have asked the scorer to amend the results sheet, e.g. by sending them an email. 
  12. Leaderboard points are calculated by a contractor on behalf of Equestrian Victoria. All queries regarding points/results should be directed to the email provided by the AOR Group.  Queries must be received within seven days of the results being published.  Any disputes regarding Leaderboard points will be referred to the AOR group for resolution. 

RIDER of the year

  Derek O’Leary