It’s just as well David Ross loves horses, as he had little hope of escaping them as a child. His father worked at Stockwell Stud with George Smith, the legendary horseman, who managed Stockwell Stud for 28 years.

Stockwell was once the epicentre of Victorian breeding, standing a host of notable stallions including the iconic Showdown.

Being surrounded by so many magnificent horses taught him that bloodlines were very important and he is to this day to be found with a stud book in his hand, researching several breeds.

He grew up to be a schoolteacher, but his passion for breeding beautiful horses took over and his interests have included Thoroughbreds, Riding Ponies, Stockhorses, Arabians and Shetlands, all bred and shown with great success.

He spent a lot of time travelling in Europe, the USA and South America and some of the horses bred from his imported stock have been highly sought after overseas as well as in Australia, where his Falconhurst prefix is widely known.

David has judged in every state in Australia and in New Zealand, has lectured on breeds at seminars and continues to be involved in showing horses as he continues to try and breed the perfect horse.

“…he is, to this day, to be found with a stud book in his hand … “