2020 Equestrian Victoria

Jumping Horse of the Year

About this award

The Jumping Victoria Horse of the Year award recognises the most consistent Victorian 1.40m+ jumping horse over the season.


  • Horse must be Victorian EA Registered AND
  • Have permanently resided in Victoria during the applicable period
  • Qualifying Victorian events must be at a minimum 1.40m
  • Qualifying interstate events must be a World Cup or State Title
  •  Up to three wildcard shows (at the discretion of the committee will also be considered

Qualifying events

  1. Caboolture – World Cup Class (27July 2019)
  2. Gatton – World Cup Class (4 August 2019)
  3. BDSJC Grand Prix Show – Grand Prix Class (17-18 August 2019)
  4. Waratah Show Sydney – World Cup Class (24 August 2019)
  5. Adelaide Royal Show – World Cup Class (5 September 2019)
  6. Willinga – Grand Prix Class (15th September 2019)
  7. Royal Melbourne Show – World Cup Class (29 September 2019)
  8. Tamworth – World Cup Class ( 12 October 2019)
  9. NVSJC Spring Show – JV Senior State Title (12th – 13th October 2019)
  10. NSW Jumping Championships – Senior Title (19th – 20th October 2019)
  11. Sale October Show – Main Class (19th – 20th October 2019)
  12. Boneo Cup – Boneo Cup (3rd November 2019).
  13. Australian Jumping Championships – Senior Final (10th November 2019)
  14. NVSJC Summer Championships – Main Class ( 17th November 2019)
  15. Adelaide AUS3DE – World Cup Class (17th November 2019)
  16. The Elms – World Cup Class (24th November 2019)
  17. Grand Valley – Main Class (1st December 2019)
  18. Sydney Summer Classic – World Cup Class (7th December 2019)
  19. Elms Summer Classic – Main Class (19th January 2020).
  20. Boneo Classic – World Cup Class (26th January 2020)
  21. World Wetland Day – World Cup Class (2nd February 2020)

If one or more of the above events main class does not meet the abovementioned eligible height then no points will be received from placing in the event.

Points Allocation

  • Points are awarded to the horse only (not the athlete/horse combination)
  • Scale of points will mirror, and be adapted from, the FEI Jumping World Cup Rules Article 656.2 and go to 16th place.
  • Points are allocated against the actual placing for the class and not the order of placing for Victorian horses at State and Interstate competitions.
  • Horses who are DNS, ELM, RET, DSQ receive a point score of 0 for that qualifying event regardless of placing.

Equality of Points

In the case of an equality of points in a qualifying round, points are added together and divided equally.

Fractions of 0.5 or more are rounded up; fractions of less than 0.5 are rounded down.
In the case of an equality of points overall after the conclusion of the last leg, the winner will be selected on a count back starting with the most wins down to the placings.

DNS = Did Not Start
ELM = Eliminated
RET = Retired
DSQ = Disqualified Show Horse

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