2021 Equestrian Victoria

Jumping Rider of the Year

About this award

The Jumping Victoria Rider of the Year award recognises the most consistent Victorian 1.40m+ jumping rider over the period 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021.



  • Rider must be a current Equestrian Victorian member AND
  • Have permanently resided in Victoria during the applicable period AND
  • Be 18 years of age or over as at 31 December 2020
  • Qualifying Victorian events must be at a minimum 1.40m
  • Qualifying interstate events must be a World Cup or State Title
  • Up to three wildcard shows at the discretion of the committee.

    Qualifying events

    1. YVJC Grand Valley (30 November to 1 December)
    2. Sydney Summer Show (5 December to 6 December)
    3. PPSJC Summer Show (23 January to 24 January)
    4. World Wetlands Day (29 January to 31 January)
    5. Western Districts Championship (6 March to 8 March)
    6. Sale SJC Elms Show (13 to 14 March)
    7. NVSJC Grand Prix (13 March to 14 March)
    8. Dressage & Jumping with the Stars (17 March to 20 March)
    9. Sale and Districts Elms Autumn (27 March to 28 March)
    10. Jumping Victoria State Titles (29 April to 2 May)

    If one or more of the above events main class does not meet the abovementioned eligible height then no points will be received from placing in the event.

    Points Allocation

    • Points are awarded to the horse only (not the athlete/horse combination)
    • Scale of points will mirror, and be adapted from, the FEI Jumping World Cup Rules Article 656.2 and go to 16th place.
    • Points are allocated against the actual placing for the class and not the order of placing for Victorian horses at State and Interstate competitions.
    • Horses who are DNS, ELM, RET, DSQ receive a point score of 0 for that qualifying event regardless of placing.

    Equality of Points

    In the case of an equality of points in a qualifying round, points are added together and divided equally.

    Fractions of 0.5 or more are rounded up; fractions of less than 0.5 are rounded down.
    In the case of an equality of points overall after the conclusion of the last leg, the winner will be selected on a count back starting with the most wins down to the placings.

    DNS = Did Not Start
    ELM = Eliminated
    RET = Retired
    DSQ = Disqualified Show Horse



    Cantara, Contone, Dondersteen, Daprice