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High-end horse feed and horse feed supplements catering to the varying needs of your horse.

Not everyone gets it. Not everyone knows the magic of a horse, nuzzling your palm on a cold, dewy morning. Or the reasons why weekends, early mornings or the middle of the night are the times when horses come first. But horse people get it.

Having a horse is not just a lifestyle. It’s a whole life. Horse people know that it is about more than just care, or even love. It’s a passion. And horses always come first.

We are horse people too. Supporting your passion is our passion. That’s why we don’t just make feed. We support young riders, local communities and Aussie farmers.

We are Barastoc, horses come first.


Barastoc is part of Australia’s largest independent supplier of high performance animal nutrition solutions that support food producers in the poultry, dairy, fish, pig, cattle, sheep, horse, lifestyle and pet food sectors.  Ridley’s 21 sites across Australia produce in the vicinity of 1.9 million tonnes a year of finished feeds and feed ingredients. These feeds improve the health, wellbeing and performance of animals in Australia’s dairy, poultry, pig, beef, horse, sheep, laboratory, pet food, aquaculture, and lifestyle industries.

We don’t just measure success in financial terms, but also in how we achieve it. Our involvement with community involves sponsorships that support the next generation of people who are passionate about animals and the land.