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Since launching the Off The Track program in 2012, Racing Victoria has enjoyed a strong relationship with Equestrian Victoria, its members and broader community.

As a major partner, the Off The Track program is proud to have sponsored over 700 equestrian events in which the collective number of appearances by retired racehorses tops 15,000. 

The Off The Track program has also welcomed a thriving community of close 50,000 thoroughbred enthusiasts across its social media channels. 


Supported by over 50 RV Acknowledged Retrainers, the Off The Track program is an important pathway for thoroughbreds transitioning from the racetrack to a second career. 

Through this network of Retrainers, the Off The Track’s partnership with Equestrian Victoria provides an important opportunity to drive demand for the breed and showcase its versatility. 

It is one of a number of initiatives that underpin Racing Victoria’s post-racing framework to support every horse leaving the sport. 


In October 2019, Racing Victoria committed $25 million to accelerated and expanded the industry’s three-year equine welfare action plan. This will directly fund the delivery of a statewide re-homing program; post-racing career options; a statewide foster program; an advanced tracking system; an expanded equine welfare taskforce; humane euthanasia; and responsible breeding. 

Over the next 12-months you will notice a number of these programs roll out, including an expanded Off The Track program as we amplify our support for each thoroughbreds journey to a second career. 

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the equestrian family and thank Equestrian Victoria for their ongoing support. 

To learn more about Racing Victoria’s Off The Track program or to find a Retrainer near you, please visit their website. 


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