Annual General Meeting

Our 2022 Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 November online, and we will be sending formal details to all members next week.

Make sure your email address is up to date on the MyEA portal and that our newsletter email address ( is not on your Spam or Junk list so that you get all the details direct to your Inbox.

If you need help keeping your details up to date, then give us a call in the office and we will be glad to help.

New Discipline By Laws

We are pleased to announce that we have completed work on our Discipline Committee By-Laws and that the Board has approved them for publication.

We appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making the By-Laws current – they were last released in 2010, so the updated document will provide more current direction to our various committees.


Welcome to Spring 2022!

We hope everyone had a good time at the We are Equestrian Victoria event at the end of Aug.  There was a good turn out and it gave us an opportunity to showcase our top talent.  I personally really enjoyed the presentations for the Hall of Fame and Lifetime of Service awards.  There are some truly remarkable people in our sport and find it very rewarding to acknowledge them.  Honestly, decades of experience and contribution to the sport were on display. 

As we enter spring, you can feel the competitions ramping up for the Spring and Summer seasons. More importantly, I am happy to announce that the Equestrian Victoria office will be fully staffed by the end of Sept.  Over the next couple of months, we’ll introduce you to our team members within the monthly newsletter.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank both Deena Peters and Kim Jacobson for their contributions to the Equestrian Victoria team.  We are sending them our best wishes for the future. 

The energy in the office is really positive and I’m excited to see the value the team will bring to our community and the disciplines going forward. 

Speaking of our team, you’ll notice a couple of changes when you get communications from them.  We have moved all of the email addresses to personalised contacts instead of generic aliases. For example, you won’t email member services, you’ll contact Jo Prescott who is the Business Officer.  All of the previous emails will redirect to the new email address so you won’t see any change in our service level in that regard.  Additionally, Adriana, Braedyn and Jamie have been assigned Sport Management, Discipline Officers for their job titles.  Ros Agius is now Head of Sport Discipline which is more in line with her experience and tenure with EV.

Last but not least, Corinne McInterey is now Head of Marketing and Comms. If you’ve had anything to do with our Marketing channels, you would have crossed paths with her.   We hope this will provide more transparency to everyone’s role.  In the coming months, we’ll be introducing each team member in more detail so you can put some faces to names. 
Our next big rock is going to be the AGM.  It is confirmed for 9 Nov and will be hosted via a video platform so that we can ensure a majority of our members can attend.  Within this newsletter, you’ll read about the key dates.